Jules Machard Workshop

« “I needn’t ask you, M. Swann, whether a man so much in the movement as yourself has been to the Mirlitons, to see the portrait by Machard that the whole of Paris is running after. Well, and what do you think of it? Whose camp are you in, those who bless or those who curse? It’s the same in every house in Paris now, no one will speak of anything else but Machard’s portrait; you aren’t smart, you aren’t really cultured, you aren’t up-to-date unless you give an opinion on Machard’s portrait.” »

Marcel Proust in Swann’s Side evokes the success of Jules Machard in the dialogue exchanged between Madame Cottard and Swann.


85 drawings from the studio of Jules Machard presented by Drawings-online. Read our focus on the artist.

the drawings are all mounted and can be framed in a flat light oak frame.