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This important drawing by Louis Licherie, a 17th-century French artist, is now part of a fine English collection. Its pendant is at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Drawings-online is an online gallery specializing in old master drawings and drawings from  19th century to early 20th century. It is run by specialists in the field who have been practicing for many years and developed a real expertise.


Drawings-online benefits from a base of more than three thousand subscribers and clients that we continue to develop.


Each month, our digital portfolio is dispatched to all our potential customers around the world. When a drawing has attracted their attention, our customers are not subject to the pressure of auctions but simply to that of being outbought by a quicker customer.


We also communicate through the press on specialized media and social networks.

A set of drawings by Elias Voet, a Dutch artist from the 19th century. Most of them have been acquired.

The site is fully translated and available in French at


When you entrust with your old master drawings, 19th or early 20th century drawings, and your oils on paper, we catalog, appraise, photograph and estimate them in order to establish with you the best price possible, a price at once fulfilling your expectations and most prone to trig the interest of buyers. You are not subject to the random results of auctions which, while exceptionally leading to unexpected results, are often a source of disappointment for sellers. We know our market and will be able to help you maximize your interest, which is also ours.


This nice view of Paris with an original frame entered the collections of the Musée de la Légion d’Honneur in Paris.

Your drawings can be sold at the release of the Monthly Portfolio in which they are included, thanks to our e-mailings all over the world. But it can also be sold in the medium term thanks to natural referencing which is optimized by the work of the professionals acting on our site. For example, if you do a search on the artist Domenico Maria Bonavera, drawings-online appears on the general google first page and on the google image page with our drawing offered on the site.


Unlike what happens with public auctions whose catalogs and results are recorded by data platforms, when a drawing does not sell on, it is not definitively affected by any valuation history, sales result, or “unsold” labeling. For the sage of efficiency, Google does not point to drawings which were withdrawn from sale, so as not to direct Internet users to “products” not available for sale.


An important preparatory drawing by Jules Boilly sold to an American art historian.

We decide together the selling price that will be displayed on the site. We have a policy of transparency and all our prices are displayed. You can also check at any time whether your drawing is still available or not because it is instantly marked as “sold” at the time of the transaction.


We handle the logistics of packaging, insurance and transport to the end customer at no added cost to the seller.


We sell collections, artists ‘studios, French, Italian or northern schools’ drawings. We sell charming drawings for less than 500 euros, beautiful drawings for several thousand euros but also rare sheets at rarer prices …




We can build with you a new way of selling drawings internationally and maximize your results with the best transparency.