We invite you on a short journey from the 17th to the beginning of the 20th century, from Italy to the Netherlands via France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, England and even Egypt. It is the Grand Tour of Jean-Jacques de Boissieu, Thomas de Thomon, Claude Thiénon or Peter Birman, it is a stop in Versailles where the landscape is a fantasy, the setting for a gallant and poetic break. These are the testimonies of painters who became travelers such as Felix Ziem, William Wyld, Clarkson Frederick Stanfield or Nicolas Joseph Kellin, who share with us their exotic or picturesque discoveries. It is the advent of oil on paper with Achille Bénouville, Antoine Ponthus-Cinier and open-air painting and drawing until the time of Barbizon with Henri Harpignies.


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