The portico with the lantern, a Venetian school from the 19th century after Canaletto


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Venetian school of the 19th century, after Canaletto
The portico with the lantern
Gray ink and wash
310 x 435 mm – 12 3/16 x 17 1/8 in.

This drawing is inspirated by an engraving by Giovanni Antonio Canaletto (Venice, 1697-1768), made around 1741 and entitled The Portico with the Lantern (one copy is kept at the National Gallery of Canada, inv. 3425). In the foreground appears a portico supported by two elegant Corinthian columns. From the vaulted ceiling, hangs a frail lantern. On the left and right, there are imposing Venetian architectures with its original typical chimney and its altane, terraces which dominate the roofs and where the Venetians had their hair dried in the sun in order to give them the famous « blond Venetian ».
Antonio Canaletto, a specialist in Venetian vedute and with a perfect command of perspective, realized many points of view of the Serenissima. This imaginary view of a portico inspired by real buildings particularly caught the attention of its creator since he created three states recognized for this engraving, varying the tones by adding hatching and reinforcing the bite of certain features. The vedute travelers were very popular who liked to bring back a souvenir of the city with them, which explains why other artists, like the author of our sheet, copied this famous view.

Condition report: The drawing has slightly lost contrast but the general condition remains good. Louis XVI style frame. Not unframed.