Scene by a Venetian palace, Franch schoo from the 19th century


Franch schoo from the 19th century

Scene by a Venetian palace: a man helping a lady into a gondola

 Watercolor and pencil.

Many numberings on the verso. Two old pieces of fixing tape.

255 x 182 mm – 10 x 7 3/16 in.


This lovely drawing from the Romantic period probably illustrates an historical or literary episode, taking place in Venice. An inextinguishable source of inspiration for literature in the 19th century, Venice is the setting of many plays by Musset, Hugo, Stendhal, amongst other writers, all of them furthermore nourished by a Shakespearian vision of the city. The scene takes place during the Renaissance, as evidenced by the costumes, and is reminiscent of Delacroix or Bonington’s taste for Venetian and historical scenes. Although it is anonymous, this work has been executed with a refinement and skill that certainly foreshadow an interesting attribution.