Program of the party held for Ascension Day 1917 (Arsène Lupin), in the prison of Cayenne


French amateur draughtsman


Program of the party held for Ascension Day on Thursday, May 17th 1917, in the prison of Cayenne

Watercolour and pen and blue ink on beige paper laid down on a thicker paper glued to a canvas.

Inscribed on the backing paper Rodric etait Rodriguez et Jacob M lui-même.

303 x 250 mm – 11 15/16 x 9 13/16 in.

Inscribed :

jeudi 17 mai / Ascension  1917 / Programme

Grande soirée

Première partie : Concert

Les chanteurs montmartois : GRot du caveau des …- L’irrésistible Riri, dit l’Iguane – Bergess, grand ténor marseillais – Ferrer de Séville – Ravachol de la Villette – Rodric de … – de Saint-Albin, grand diseur et autres amateurs dans leurs répertoires choisis interprèteront tous les genres. Rideau à 6H/ entrée interdite aux honnêtes gens./ Buffet / Thé Michaux / Thé artichaux / 0.05/ toutes les friandises au même prix ! / 0.05 ! /

Seconde partie : Arsène Lupin / (drame policier) roi des Boisses/ Personnages :

Le duc d’Eysse…..GRot/Arsène Lupin  … X/ Monsieur Dupèze rentier ….Rodric / Balourdeau larbin … …Riri/ Sherlock Holmes détective …Rodric / le juge d’instruction  …Latuile/ le Commissaire …St TAlbin / L’agent Lutor …Toto / Les deux inspecteurs mobiles …Capron / Toto / deux visiteurs …Ferrer / Pour couvrir les frais généraux et encourager l’art dramatique, on est prier de consommer à outrance / pas de pourboire aux ouvreuses.

This program, as well as another that we offer, are designed for evenings organized in the prison of Cayenne in 1917 by the prisoners themselves. Both parties consist in a musical and a theatrical part, that is to say songs and a play composed and interpreted by the prisoners. Both programs were also made by one of the convicts; they bear a moving testimony of their activities but also of their creativity and sense of humor.

During Ascension Day, after the musical part, the convicts staged a play inspired by Arsène Lupin, the fictional character created in 1905 by Maurice Leblanc who drew inspiration from various famous criminals from the early 20th century. Marius Jacob for instance was a humorous and ingenious thief whose adventures were widely spread by the newspapers.

The drawn figure representing Arsène Lupin, with his small mustache and long nose, evokes a caricature of Maurice Leblanc.

Most of the convicts performing during the parties are indeed registered in the archives of the prison of Cayenne: Saint-Albin, Ravachol, Ferrer, Rodriguez (Rodric), Capron.


Framing options

Pas de cadre, Cadre Louis XVI plat Or (4cm), Cadre Louis XVI plat Noir et Or (4cm), Cadre plat (4cm) teinté ébène, Cadre inversé (3,3 cm) teinté ébène, Cadre Louis XVI or (3cm)