Head of a Man wall-eyed, french school, around 1770


Head of a Man wall-eyed, french school, around 1770.

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French school, around 1770

Head of a Man wall-eyed

Oil on paper.

380 x 270 mm – 15 x 10 5/8 in.


This beautiful portrait is anonymous. The model is wall-eyed, a physical feature that is rarely emphasized in painting. The freedom of the treatment indicates that this sketch may have been made as a study for a more finished portrait. It could also prepare the figure to be inserted in a larger composition among other figures, which would explain why the look and head are turned to the right instead of looking straight ahead.


Framing options

Pas de cadre, Cadre Louis XVI plat Or (4cm), Cadre Louis XVI plat Noir et Or (4cm), Cadre plat (4cm) teinté ébène, Cadre inversé (3,3 cm) teinté ébène